New Taxi Fares Enforced

Anyone who has ever traveled to Guangzhou or Shenzhen might have been grateful that the taxi fares in Dongguan have been relatively low, but that all won’t last long. On September 26, Dongguan’s Development and Reform Bureau announced that the new pricing system for all taxis in Dongguan, including the blue and yellow ones, will be implemented starting on October 10.


According to the bureau, the new fare system is needed to offset increases in general operation and labor costs, maintenance and insurance. The taxi fare hasn’t been greatly modified for eight years. Over 15,000 taxi drivers are currently running 7,699 taxis through 32 taxi companies all over Dongguan. The revenue of a taxi (two shifts) has dropped to between 5,163 and 7,510 RMB per month. It is estimated that the new fare will raise revenues to between 6,780 to 10,116 RMB.

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