DG’s Motorcycle Ban

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This year marks 10 years since Dongguan implemented the ban on motorcycles. At first, all non-Dongguan licensed motorcycles were forbidden. By August 2007, all electric bikes were banned and since September 2007, motorcycles were forbidden within the ring roads during the day. In January 2009, all two-wheeled vehicles were completely banned within the ring roads. Outer towns planned to do the same. To date, most towns never expanded the restriction beyond the area near their main government building. In July 2006, there was an estimated more than 1 million motorcycles, which used to be a key tool for road robberies, but now only 75,000 remain. From 2001 to 2005, motorcycles were involved in at least 60 percent of all traffic accidents, causing about 500 deaths each year. By 2014, they made up only 25 percent.

The government spent 580 million RMB to help full-time motorcycle owners find new jobs like driving taxis and 180 million RMB to subsidize costs for owners who had to retire their bikes early. By August 2016, all old motorcycles registrations will soon expire. In September, a three-month crackdown on motorcycles began to remove any remaining vehicles.

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