First DG Startup Weekend


A whole new type of business plan is coming to Songshan Lake this September. Partially supported by the Taiwanese Businessmen Association and the Songshan Lake government is an exciting new complex called Inno17. A large office space will allow future startup companies to stay at the space for a year with a small amount of upfront capital to try and develop their raw ideas into a full-fledged business.

To get the excitement flowing around campus, Inno17 will host a Startup Weekend from September 9 – 11. Supported by Google, Eventbrite and .CO, the Startup Weekend will bring some of Dongguan and the PRD’s most groundbreaking ideas together in one room. Participants for the Startup Weekend will first offer their ideas to the whole group of roughly 80 participants. The best ideas will be chosen and groups of four people will form. They’ll listen to speeches from other successful innovators and receive hands-on assistance for common issues that usually plague new companies.

“The industry in Dongguan is changing and it’s getting harder and harder for factories to operate here. The city needs projects like ours to continue growing into the future,” said Rickey Lin, COO of Inno17. Look for Startup Weekend participants at our 9/10 HERE! Dongguan Pool Party in a few days to learn more.

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