Dongguan’s Historic Veranda Houses

0816_cityfactsIn Guancheng, just a few blocks away from Keyuan Garden, rows of houses built in the 1930s—called Qi Lou—are situated around the Zhenhua Rd., Daxi Rd. and Zhongshan Rd. vicinity in the so-called “outside” the old city area. They are not a unique architecture for Dongguan. These same style of houses are also seen in Guangzhou, Shantou, and as far away as Fujian and Guangxi Province. The characteristic verandas keep pedestrians out of direct view of the scorching sun or heavy rainstorms, which is great for this tropical zone, all the while ensuring a closer look at the shops. The design is usually built using three floors, with the second and third floors intended either for storage or dwelling and decorated with Western-style details such as colorful windows, Baroque pediments and Renaissance-style triangular cornices. This type of architecture was first invented by the British in colonial India during the second half of the 18th century to shield themselves from the strong sunshine. It later spread to Southeast Asia and China.

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