DG’s Comic Scene Grows


The China International Animation Copyright Fair, or simply Comic Fair, has been running for eight consecutive years as it becomes the biggest event in Dongguan’s animation industry. For regular people over 25 years old, this might not seem like such a big deal due to its childish associations, but for youngsters and practitioners like Liang Xiaozhi, the well-known godfather of Dongguan’s animation and comic culture, it’s a major annual festival.

Years before the first Comic Fair, Liang had been organizing private comic events in the Dongguan Library since 2006. His company, Wit Moment Cultural Communication Co. Ltd, has been a regular exhibitor and organizer for the fair.

“After ten years’ development, the industry has gained wide awareness and become a rather promising industry,” said Liang. China brags that they have 200 million comic consumers and the industry is just getting started. “I always think the number of real comic fans in Dongguan is not enough. In Guangzhou, there are 500,000 to one million comic fans from middle schools, high schools, university and even standard workers. In Dongguan, we doubt if there are 50,000,” Liang said.

Throughout the past decade, Liang and many other industry practitioners have been working tirelessly on improving the city’s comic atmosphere. In every Comic Fair, they introduce contents for youth instead of just young kids and bring more activities suitable for the general public instead of only industry insiders. This year’s Comic Fair will feature various events such as: cosplay, comic food vendors, an eSports arena, singing competition, games and more.

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