Only The Idiots Can’t Succeed

How come it’s always the naysayers who have the loudest voice and feign profound knowledge when all they know is what doesn’t work. So, China’s a complicated place. If you

The PRD Genius: Chen Li

Proving that exams aren’t everything, this local Guangdong scholar failed plenty of tests and instead spent his life showing why it didn’t matter. The Pearl River Delta has always produced

Excuses, Excuses.

People complain incessantly about the state of their physique, but when it comes time to improve themselves, they can always manage to find a reason not to help themselves and their

Work Permits for Foreigners

These days, China is tightening up employment law to better organize foreign contributors. If you aren’t legal you might pay a high price. As part of our mission to provide

[Attention] Guangzhou-Dongguan Buses Require IDs

Say goodbye to traveling freely across much of the country without taking along an ID card or passport. The first Anti-Terrorism Act of the PRC officially took effect on May

Model Mandarin August 2016

BEAR IN MIND Learn by saying things you shouldn’t One of my students recently told me about an awful experience of his which, I think, might happen often to other Chinese

Love Taught by an Ape-Man

You know that the right side of your mustache is just a little bit lower than the left?” utters Jane (Margot Robbie) scornfully towards antagonist, Leon Rom (Christoph Waltz), leader

Understanding Pure Greatness

Super-journalist Malcolm Gladwell frequently tops the international bestseller lists thanks to extraordinary books like The Tipping Point and Blink. Outliers: the story of success (2008) has become another similar success,

The Art of Lending A Hand

There are plenty of people who just find their comfort zone and never push for more. For Chris Roberts, chairman of AustCham, this is not the case. There is a

Guangdong Foreigners Now Have Access to a 5-Year Work Visa

Beginning on August 1, a variety of 16 new entry-exit policies will officially become available in Guangdong. Among these policies are six that will apply specifically to the Guangdong Free-Trade