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On July 20, the Australian Chamber of Commerce – South China will host its first boardroom meeting, lectures and cocktail reception at Wanda Vista Dongguan. This is to be seen as a major step forward for local business owners in Dongguan that wish to build relationships with other local businesses and work together to solve varying industry issues.

The event will focus on Chinese-Australian business concepts with three special guest speakers coming from Austrade in Guangzhou. Lectures will start at 18:00 with cocktails following immediately after at 19:30-21:00. Tickets will be 150 RMB/person. If you’ve ever wondered how to do business in China and Australia this would be a perfect opportunity to learn more.

“The challenges of holding a board meeting for AustCham South China in Dongguan is relatively minor, given the fact that Dongguan lies between Shenzhen and Guangzhou. It is a convenient and important cog in the wheel for the South China region for business development. It also helps that our board members are actively committed to recognizing the whole Guangdong area and not just the two major cities. Dongguan, along with a lot of other smaller cities within Guangdong, play an important and pivotal role in the success of AustCham SC,” said Glenn Ball, Board Director.

Please email to register or call +8620 2237 2866 for more info.

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