Little Jamin is Helped

0616_jamieOnce again the tightly knit community of Dongguan has demonstrated great generosity.

The toddler son of longtime Dongguan residents, Chris and Melissa Smith, started to throw up blood and have black stool following a nap. After being taken to a local hospital, medical professionals were unable to perform all tests needed to understand the root of the problem. As the situation rapidly worsened, the only option became using a helicopter ambulance to go to Shanghai or Hong Kong, which required a 70,000 USD deposit.

A donation page was created on and word was spread all over the Dongguan community asking for public support. Local businesses stepped up to help out: charity sales were organized by AMBD, Dip-It, Divino and Treasures of Hope, an all-you-can-eat-pancake-breakfast was held at Liberty Brewing Co. and a special, two-hour fitness program was created by Complete Fitness and Feel the Beat over the weekend.

Not only had the financial goal been met, but all additional funds were able to go towards Jamin’s present hospital bills in Shanghai—where he arrived May 7—and for possible surgery costs. The family is waiting for further genetics test results due in July.

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