Facts about our new Metro

0616_city-factsDongguan’s first metro line opened at 12 pm on May 27. By 8 pm on May 29, more than 398,000 passengers had used it. The total system length is 37.8 km, with 15 stations situated in Shilong, Chashan, Dongcheng, Nancheng, Houjie and Humen. Approximately 33.7 km travels underground, 3.6 km rides elevated and 0.4 km makes up a small transition between the underground and overpass segments. Construction began on March 26, 2010 and the first test run occurred at the end of December 2015. Each station is equipped with free Wi-Fi, convenience stores and toilets. This completes only the first phase of Line 2. The second phase of the project is planned to continue all the way to Chang’an and connect with the Shenzhen Metro. The total budget of phase one is estimated at 19.5 billion RMB, including the control center in Xiping Station. In the future, Hongfu Road Station will make up the transfer point between Line 2 and Line 1. Xiping Station will connect Line 2 and the Dongguan-Huizhou intercity railway.

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