DG Cricketers Win Big

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The Dongguan Cricketers have been playing for four years in Dongguan, but won an honorable runner up on May 8 in Guangzhou. Organized by one of the four participants, the Gujarat Tigers, the tournament is a friendly cup with four competing teams from Guangzhou and Dongguan.

With a higher run rate, the Dongguan Cricketers scored their way to the final and played against the Dark House. In the end, the Dark House scored 61 runs in 8 overs, finally beating the Cricketers by 10 runs and winning the championship.

“It was first time for DC to play in this playground made by artificial grass, which is really a challenge,” said Captain Jaffar Sadiq. “Our team performed well in bowling, fielding and batting,” he added. Typically, these athletes are from Bangladesh, India or Pakistan, but this group also included players from Mexico and Hong Kong. This event was more of a social gathering, but occasional special events like Chinese or Indian holidays inspire the group to put together a team to enter larger tournaments in Guangzhou or make a bigger gathering in Dongguan by arranging lunches and dinners for the get together.

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