Kenyan Wins Marathon

Dongguan’s first international marathon

0416_Scen_Kenyan Wins Marathon

Dongguan’s first international marathon was held on March 27. Going from Songshan Lake to Nancheng’s Central Square, the event saw 150,000 runners from all over the country as well as overseas participants joining the marathon. Runners from a dozen countries including Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria, and Ethiopia took part.

William Kiplagat and Rionotukei Chemtai, both from Kenya, were the first place male and female runners, clocking in at 2 hours 11 minutes 18 seconds and 2 hours 34 minutes 38 seconds respectively. They each pocketed a cheque for 20,000 US dollars. The marathon also used Dongguan’s latest technology. In what was a first, a silver cloud mini drone followed the runners at 50 meters altitude, taking photos and videos, as well as monitoring temperatures and humidity.

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