Getting Ziggy with it: Ziggy’s Bar & Grill (CHANG’AN)

Ziggy’s Bar & Grill (CHANG’AN)


Dongguan expats are, all-too-often, known to restrict themselves to their cosy Dongcheng confines, but those that dare venue off the beaten track are often richly rewarded. For the last six months the latest addition to Chang’an’s growing bar scene has been a hole-in-the-wall boozer by the name of Ziggy’s. Dark and dingy (just the way this reviewer likes it), and with barely enough room to swing a cat, this bar more than punches above its weight in both the friendly and style stakes. Gruff men with beards and baseball caps sit on the short bar sinking cold bottles of craft beer straight from the fridge, but fear not, they don’t bite.

If bars were judged by how cold their beers are, then Ziggy’s would be taking more than its fair share of awards—served up in what the owner Mitch calls his sub-zero glasses, beer doesn’t get much colder than this and still remain liquid. A mug of sub-zero Asahi will set you back just 15 RMB, so no one need to go bankrupt. But for those wanting to splash a little extra, there is a bell on the bar, ring that and for 100 RMB the whole bar gets a shot—a sure way to win much love when the bar is full.

The owner’s passion for film and music are felt throughout the bar as iconic posters from the 70s, 80s, and 90s line the venue’s walls, alongside ad-hoc bit of graffiti. To make up for the lack of space inside, outside there is a selection of patio furniture and a selection of Japanese BBQ and toothsome western snacks are on offer. Check out the bacon cherry poppers.

Perhaps the biggest appeal of this bar is that it almost feels like your front room at home. You grab a beer from the fridge, pay at the bar and within a few minutes you feel like you know everybody’s name, though it is unlikely that you will remember it the next morning; with this in mind repeat visits are recommended…

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