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Fresh Air Sale
Two weeks of rain, fog and smog drove residents from heavy polluted areas of the province to escape to the north of Guangdong early March, only to find villagers were making money by selling ‘fresh air’. Located on the border of Guangdong and Guangxi, Lianshan Zhuang and Yao Autonomous County is covered with 85 percent forest, attracting tens of thousands of tourists to admire the wonderful scenery and breathe the clean air. On the bottom of the 1,417-meter-high Jinzi Mountain, villagers set up stalls, selling local agricultural products such as bamboo shoots, mushrooms, fugues, and the hottest-ticket of all, air. The air was stored in both large and small transparent freezer bags. Small ones sold at 10 RMB, while larger ones went for 30 RMB. Out of curiosity, many tourists decided to take photos, but some bought a few bags of the so-called fresh air. (

Married and Hot
While Miss World is famous the world over, much less is known about the related competition Mrs. World. A spin-off of Mrs. America, the Mrs. World pageant welcomed married women of all ages, including young wives, mothers and even grandmothers to Dongguan, March 12. The final of Mrs. World 2016 was held in Tangxia’s Goodview Hotel, where 44 beautiful wives from 37 different countries showed their beauty, talent, and charms. The competition lasted three days eventually deciding that Mrs. South Africa, Candice Abrahams, was the winner. Her husband, Ismail Abrahams, is a famous radio host. Second place was taken by Mrs. Poland. It is not known if a Miss World has ever went on to take a Mrs. World title. (

Anonymous Phone Numbers End
Phone number real-name registration has been applied since 2013, but no serious punishment has been given for those that failed to register, with anonymous registration still widely available on the black market. Guangdong Mobile released a notice in February, stating that unregistered phone services will be suspended at the end March, with accounts being permanently closed if the registration isn’t completed within 90 days. The same measures have also been taken by Guangdong Telecom and Guangdong Unicom. Messages have been sent to account owners to remind them to register their phones before they are cut off. Foreign users and group users are no exception and should register with their passports in operator service centers at the earliest available opportunity.

A man was arrested for trying to smuggle 20 pigs through a toll road in Zhenjiang, 31 March. The 55 year-old man surnamed Hu had just visited a pig farm and bought the 20 piglets for 1,200 RMB a pop, with a view to fattening them up for market and making a tidy profit. Having spent all his money on the pigs, he decided to skimp on transportation costs by loading them into his small van.
As he attempted to pass through a toll gate, a highway patrolmen heard squealing in the back of the car and demanded to look inside and found the pigs. Driving with more than two pigs in your private car is illegal in China, and after questioning the police gave Hu a fine and he was ordered to find another car so the little pigs could find their way back. (via netease)

Homeless and Found
Media reports helped reunite a homeless man with his family after being missing for nearly three years, though the man claims he can’t remember who his family is. The man was found living under a bridge in Shatian Town in 2013, where social workers came to help him, but he refused to stay in a rescue center, and Jinsha Temple agreed to shelter him instead. He claimed he had lost his memory and had no idea how he arrived in Shatian and had no family, but his story was published in the local media in March, and a woman in Shandong claimed the man was her younger brother and took the train to visit him. Since arriving she has shown him dozens of photographs of them together, but he is unable to remember anything. The government is currently arranging a DNA test in an attempt to establish that the pair are actually siblings. (

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