Dongguan GDP Growth and how its changing

0316_SCENE_Dongguan GDP Growth

Dongguan’s GDP

Countries, provinces, towns, and cities all like to gloat about their income in a seemingly endless battle of ‘mine is bigger than yours,’ and Dongguan is no different, especially when it comes to GDP.

Having long been a city with a reputation for being wealthy, Dongguan’s GDP reached a total amount of 627.5 billion RMB in 2015, an eight percent year-on-year increase, 1.1 percent higher than the national rate and on a par with the average across Guangdong.

Back in 2012, Dongguan’s GDP growth was the lowest in the entire province. Of the eight percent growth rate last year, the service sector made the biggest contribution, reaching 10 percent growth. Gross Domestic Product per Capita put Dongguan on 12,000 USD, with the city seeing an increase of 1,000 USD every year since 2011, currently putting the city about level with Jordan in the Middle East. Who knows which city Dongguan will catch up with next?

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