A Wall of Warmth – Charity collection of warm clothes

0316_SCENE_A Wall of Warmth

Charity collection of warm clothes

Donnguan is seeing a real growth in all acts charitable these last few years, and the city is on the march again. In an act of charity, hundreds of coats, jackets, pants, sweaters and shoes are to hung on a wall by shielded roadside, on Shizhu Road, Nancheng. The wall will see people leave clothes in boxes, for people to look at carefully and take from the wall according their needs. The wall is inscribed with the simple words: “This is the wall of warmth.These clothes are donated by kind people, if you need it, take it…”

Inspired by Iran’s “walls of kindness”, Lu Xu’an, the owner of Upper Caveman vegetarian restaurant, set up this wall outside his restaurant on January 31. In Iran, “walls of kindness” has appeared in major cities, collecting clothes to help the poor. “Some people worried if there would be any donations, or if they would all be taken once, or even if it can last,” said Lu. “But if you don’t try you will never know.” It is hoped that Lu’s plan will be a huge success and will eventually spread to other cities across the PRD region.

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