Putting Fitness First

So it is the start of the new year and you are thinking of getting fit, but just what options are on offer in Donnguan? HERE! is running a three

Wrestling Hits DG

New wrestling outfit, Middle Kingdom Wrestling (MKW), are set to hold their third live professional show, in Dongguan, Jan 16. The show will see professional wrestlers from China, France, the

Getting In A Jam

As Dongguan develops, the traffic gets gradually worse, and One city resident finds it is slowly driving him to road rage… Fender benders here in Dongguan are so popular that

The Most Efficient City

Hot on the heels of being awarded the distinguished title of “National Forest City”, Dongguan won yet another honor last month – “ Most Efficient Government ”. The ranking, which

WeChat Nation: Magic Moments

WeChat: It’s more than just a good way to have rambling text exchanges for free. It’s a place to be you, to feel important, to –please, shoot me in the


If you stand amazed as WeChat slowly takes control of your life, are scratching your head at the blisteringly inane nature of Moments, or simply want to know how to

What Donnie Does

One Expat’s Scandalous Behavior, Riled Much Of The Foreign Community, But In An Exclusive Interview With Here! Zach Etkind Sets Things Straight About His Alter Ego… Donnie Mahoney, infamous protagonist

Leftover Women

Should the country really be using a cruel term that insults the single women of the entire nation? Imagine a pile of garbage lying on the ground: half-drunk bottles, torn

Dongguan Takes A Bow – Archery in Dongguan

For adventurous types that like their nights out to have a firmly prehistoric vibe, the city now has the perfect answer… Ok, so, catching the new Star Wars movie might

Chinese Holiday Dates 2016

The 2016 Chinese public holiday schedule has been released, setting down the arrangement for all public holidays for the year. Looking at the schedule, the luck for this year is