A Bar Called Wanda: Wanda Lobby Bar


When it is comes to going out for drinks with friends on a Friday night, nobody jumps up and down squealing, “We gotta check out the new hotel bar.” Instead they are written off as over-priced, the preserve of itinerant travelers and lonely businessman, but all this neglects one particular inconvenient truth: a lot of hotel bars are actually very good. And, to boot, they won’t necessarily cost much more than a regular night out on Dongguan’s bar street.

Wanda Lobby Lounge is one such venue. With its thick carpets, warm glowing chandeliers, and plush seating the whole place feels like a particularly roomy gentleman’s study; there is even a piano in the corner to enhance the upscale feel. A gin and tonic costs 40 kuai, and it was just as good as the one I paid 55 for on bar street the night before. The other good thing about hanging out in five star hotels is that they are compelled at least to attempt to give you five star service, and the Lobby Bar makes a pretty good fist of it. It is all sumptuous sofas, plush cushions and mood lighting, with staff willing to bend over backwards to get you what you want. You might find yourself, say, nipping in to do a quick bar review, and instead finding yourself not wanting to leave and getting sozzled on gin instead.

A set of varied and solid snacks are on offer too: Indian samosas, cheese plates, Chinese spring rolls, spicy chicken wings, and more—each plate will set you back around 50 kuai ,and the ones we had were bang on the money. Wine starts at a trifling 220 RMB per bottle (why waste your time with mere glasses?), which considering the decadent surrounds is a fair deal indeed. For those of you that like to listen to music when you are you are drinking, you are in luck; an energetic house band plays almost every night of the week. For those that prefer peace and quiet, Monday is the night to go.

If there is any downside to this place, it is probably down to the fact that it is on the quiet side people-wise. If you are going out to socialize and meet new people this might not be quite the place to do it, but you never know. If you fancy a night out with a hint of glamour instead of smashing Tequila at your regular dive bar, then maybe, just maybe Wanda is the place to take your friends for a slightly more sophisticated night out.

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