Droplets of Weird and News: China Splash

A 15 year-old girl gave birth to a baby boy, and promptly threw him out of the window of a fifth floor house in Chang’an Jingxia Village, just ten minutes after the baby was born. Fortunately, the baby survived. The girl named Zhen, from Guangxi, dropped out of high school and travelled to Dongguan for work. According to Zhen, she threw the baby out the window, due of anger that boyfriend was indifferent to her and the baby. The baby landed on a wooden board in a small alley. The landlord found the baby crying on the morning of October 15, just meters away from a bloody placenta in a bicycle basket. In Chang’an Hospital, the 3 kilogram baby was treated, only suffering a few scratches and a minor facture. Zhen’s mother came to visit, but her boyfriend was nowhere to be seen. Chang’an Women’s Federation said they would intervene and provide psychological and financial support. Zhen said she regretted what she had done and would take care of her child properly in the future. (Via Guangzhou Daily)

A giant python living in the hills near Shigu Reservoir, Fenggang caused hassle when he insisted on eating ducks belonging to a local farmer. Mr Luo, who tends an orchard in the Fenggang mountainside, had been aware of the snake for many years. But latterly it had simply been eating far too many of his ducks, reportedly up to three or four kilograms at a time. With the help of a snake expert, Luo stayed up on the night of October 9, where they managed to finally catch the snake, which weighed 40 kilograms and was four meters long. Aware that the snake was a protected animal, Luo set it free on another mountain without so many ducks. (Via sun0769.com)

After 35 years China suddenly announced it was ending its notorious one-child policy on October 29. The policy has left China with an ageing population and, due to sex-selective abortions, a huge gender disparity. It is believed that the new two-child policy will go some way to addressing these issues. Whilst the move had been long anticipated it was widely believed that it would not happen for another few years. It is unclear if the millions of mothers around the country are in tears or overjoyed at the prospect of having to have yet another child.(Via Xinhua News)

Five gangs selling contraband goods were locked down in a series of targeted police raids in October. The luxurious goods were purchased by overseas buyers, and shipped to Hong Kong, where they were picked up and smuggled to the Chinese Mainland by travelers with multiple entry visas. These products were then sold in high-end luxury goods stores in downtown Shenzhen and several big cities such as Shanghai, Wuhan, and Dalian. In one store in Futian, Shenzhen, a crocodile skin handbag was sold for 690,000 RMB. The turnover of the store reached 270 million RMB over three years. The smugglers going back and forth between Hong Kong and the Mainland were young, pretty, fashionable girls who would match their look with the luxury products. Police raided four stores and 24 residential locations in three cities, arresteing 32 suspects, and confiscating 6,000 Hermes and PRADA handbags and clothes worth 360 million RMB. (Via. gd.qq.com)

A water buffalo escaped from a slaughterhouse in Guancheng, viciously injuring a man at a wet market. The buffalo went mad when workers tried to load it from a truck on the morning of October 13, at 2 am. Sensing something awry, the buffalo bolted and ran from the north of Guancheng, across a canal and over several major roads on the border of Guancheng and Nancheng, before stopping at Nancheng’s Tangbei Market. As the downtown’s biggest wholesale market, Tangbei Market already had 200 vendors setting-up their morning businesses. The crazed cow rushed the crowd and knocked a man over. Later the man was sent to hospital and found to have cracked five ribs. Police managed to trap the beast in a flower market opposite. Not entirely sure how to handle the situation, police shot the cow dead. (Via Nanfang Metropolis Daily)

In a scene that could easily have been taken from the TV show Breaking Bad, police from Nanning and Hechi, Guangxi Province, raided a house owned by a teacher in Nanning and confiscated 31 kilos of pure methamphetamine and 185 kilos of pre-cursor ingredients, September 28. The chief boss of the meth ring, surnamed Lu, was a former teacher and head of the admissions office in a local vocational school. In 2012, he resigned from his position and began to do drugs. In 2015, he needed money to fund his habit and set up a meth lab in a 120-square-meter rental house, selling his products throughout China, using QQ. Police officers said it was the best meth set-up they had ever seen, with complete and updated tools and high-grade ingredients. (Via gx.people.com.cn)