A Rubbish Idea


A large socially-conscious group of Chinese and foreigners have gathered together to clean the streets of Dongguan. The group, the brainchild of Adam Thacker, 28, a teacher from England, started off on Wechat. The group numbered 150 people in just 3 hours. Fifty members of the group turned up for a meet-up on the roads surrounding Dongcheng walking street on the morning of Sunday, October. 18. The group collected 75 large bags of rubbish on just two roads. “A few weeks ago, I saw a man throw rubbish on the street, when I asked him to pick it up he told me to go back to my own country … After that incident I decided to take ownership of the problem. I have lived in Dongguan five years; my wife is from Dongguan; my son is half Chinese. I decided to start treating Dongguan like it was my home,” said Thacker. The group is set to meet again on November 15th, and will continue doing monthly meet-ups.

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