Leopards Move to Shenzhen

1015_scene_leopards-move-to-ShenzhenAs the CBA season approaches, the most recently trending basketball news spells out bad news for our city. There will no longer be two CBA teams competing against each other in Dongguan. The Dongguan New Century Leopards are talking with Shenzhen about moving their home games to Shenzhen this season starting November 1. “We are communicating with Shenzhen indeed,” Dongguan Leopards confirmed with the media on September 15. “In the new season, our home games will move to Shenzhen, but details are not confirmed yet.” Founded in 2003 and joining the CBA in 2005, the Dalang-based team made it to the play-offs seven times. Losing one signature basketball team is sad to some basketball fans, though others think it’s a good move for the Leopards, which won’t have much space to grow under the shadow of big brother Guangdong Tigers. This also means that there aren’t any Dongguan titled CBA teams any more.

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