Avoid These Escalators

0915_Secne-Brief_avoid these alevatorsThe horrific escalator tragedy of July 26 in Jingzhou took a mother’s life and was later reportedly caused by flaws in the metal footplate design. Nationwide, escalators made by the same company were inspected. In Dongguan, the Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision ordered Suzhou-based Shenlong Elevator Co. to provide reviews by July 30 of 72 escalators in the city. No similar flaws were reported. By August 3, the bureau finished inspections on all Shenlong escalators and found 11 had safety issues which could cause clothes, shoes or feet to get stuck in the gaps on either side. They are located in two malls, two in Dongcheng Daying Department Store in the Niushan area and nine in Shilong Jinsha Bay Mall. They have been suspended from operation until fixed. In Dongguan, 3,628 escalators were inspected with 259 reports of safety issues.

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