Airbnb for Canton Fair

0915_Secne_Airbnb-for-Canton-FairThe future might have arrived for travelers seeking alternatives to pricey, peak season hotels. The widely popular San Francisco based company Airbnb has made its debut in China with the hopes of expanding into a promising Asian market. With a growing middle class, soaring domestic and outbound travel numbers, it’s no wonder why Airbnb and competitors are racing for their slice of pie within the Chinese market.

Providing a network of owner-offered rooms, apartments and houses, companies like Airbnb have provided a new solution to the age old problem of finding lodging in areas with saturated hotel markets. Despite China’s suffering economy, Airbnb will attempt to boost its revenues through targeting business travelers domestically throughout China.

According to reports from USA Today, Airbnb has registered its services with more than 700 companies in a move to revolutionize business travel. Particularly in areas which can become easily overbooked during large events such as trade shows or exhibitions. Although listings in Dongguan are quite low with less than 200, there already appears to be a strong grouping surrounding local exhibition centers. For local events such as the Canton Far and the Houjie Furniture Exhibition, hotels typically book months in advance and prices usually skyrocket. Through companies like Airbnb and its much younger Chinese counterpart, there is hope for cheaper lodgings in the future.

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