Houjie Shoe Headquarters

0815_In brief_Houjie Shoe HeadquartersTo serve Dongguan and its plethora of shoe manufacturing interests, Houjie is building a shoe industry hub that is expected to quicken the transformation and upgrading of the industry. Located in Houjie where many shoe factories have been nestled for the past three decades, the world shoe industry headquarters, a.k.a. A.Shoes, completed its first phase at the end of last year. It includes a trading center, leather and shoe materials trading center, exhibition center, logistics, warehousing and distribution center. Huajian Group, one of the biggest women’s shoe companies, is the major investor for the A.Shoes project, which aims to be the Asian headquarters of research, trade, brand development and logistics for the industry. As the second and third phase open in the next few years, A.Shoes blueprints plant to accommodate over 5,000 companies.