Just Dive: Summer Pool Party Spot

0715_bar reviewPADI diving may not jump to mind for Dongguaners on a night out—the nearest thing to the sea being questionable rivers and bottles of NongFu—but for those seeking a slice of pool party, slash Thai style diving school, there’s Just Dive. Located in Loft 8, an up and coming bar and creative space district near BaTou village, the spot is a newly opened bar serving food and drinks in an open-plan, mini courtyard centered with a six-by-ten meter swimming pool.

At weekly till-midnight, Saturday pool parties, expect to see a crowd blasting each other with super soakers, dive bombing and grabbing anyone venturing near the three-meter-deep, blacklight-illuminated water. Couples, or teams of friends, can play tug-of-war with losers pulled in face first to cheers from surrounding tables. Win a few games and maybe win a bottle of something special, lose, and make do with pulling the winner in with you. On my visit, although most customers seemed initially reluctant to jump in, the owner, Sam, a Dongguan local, was quick to get on the microphone and start the party off. Soon boyfriends were throwing girlfriends head first into the pool.

Expect to get wet, however there are changing facilities and toilets which are clean and well maintained, in my book, often a parallel with the kitchen. All you can eat deep fried finger snacks and other bits and bobs are spread out on a banquet table, as is an unlimited supply of Budweiser for the entry price of RMB 200 for guys and 100 for girls (8 p.m. start).

Other features include a stage with head-popping ampage, and a large-screen TV showing football highlights. For those looking to relax any other time, there is a food menu with Western style dishes between RMB 50-130, as well as those ubiquitous German bottled beers at around RMB 50. The pool is always free as is use of the changing rooms.

So if you find yourself in BaTou, and it’s a boiling hot day, have a look, book some lessons, enjoy the shade of the river-side trees or get a water pistol and shoot your friend in the face—unique, different and cool.

Find the bar here.

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