Exhibition Demolition Delayed

0715_scene_exhibitionLast April, a public notification sent local web usage abuzz with hype over an announcement that the Exhibition Center in Nacheng, a 14-year-old facility, would be demolished. The planned destruction was due to a rezoning of the area to be replaced with a complex of shopping malls, apartments and offices. According to a strategic cooperation agreement signed between the Dongguan government and top domestic retailing group Beijing Wangfujing, it was widely thought that Wangfujing would take down the Exhibition Center within a few months. But a year has passed and the land hasn’t even been sold yet. Meanwhile, this year the venue’s signature exhibitions, such as its popular annual comic fair have moved to Houjie Town. The project is in danger of suffering an indefinite delay, but local media is reporting that the developers are taking action to cooperate with e-business platform Alibaba.

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