What’s the Deal With Turtle Farming

Turtles have a unique place in the heart of China. People make meals out of them and raise them in their own homes as pets. Some even worship them. In

The Beautician and The Thread

When one of Dongguan’s most respected cosmetologists takes a tour to find an ancient beauty secret, she discovers a less painful way to a smooth face. It’s human nature to

App A Day Work Week

The ultra-popular, messenger app wechat  has commandeered chunks of downtime, taking over chats from work, play and family. Here’s five more ways to waste time—one for each work day.  Day

Summer League Quick List

Organized sport is a must for raising well-rounded kids, if you don’t have the first clue; we’ve organized a list of leagues for you. Ice Hockey (Ages: 6-15) Where: One

In the Local Media: May 2015

Student Sits on Teacher A fourth grade student in Zhangmutou sent his teacher to the hospital after attacking her in class and reinjuring a wound. Known for acts of violence,

A Gala to Remember

After eight years at the Sofitel Dongguan Royal Lagoon, the Dongcheng-area hotel renamed recently as Dongguan Tangla, the Brazilian Women’s Association (AMBD) is changing venues for its annual charity gala/fundraiser

Family Retraces Steps

Seven years ago, an orphan from Dongguan who had been dumped at birth was adopted by an American couple, and recently, the family brought their adopted son to visit his

Free Trade Zone

The Guangdong Free Trade Zone was officially launched on April 21, flagging construction projects across the province. The same will happen with zones in Tianjin and Fujian, which will service

Brazilian Events on Rise

South Brazilian culture can already be considered strong in Dongguan, and celebrating their traditions publicly is becoming increasingly common. On the afternoon of April 19, almost 200 people joined together

DG Skyscraper News

As crews busied themselves capping the roof at the TBA Tower, the Taiwan Business Association headquarters that currently stands as the city’s tallest building, rumors began that local businessmen would