Model Mandarin: May 2015

BEAR IN MIND Remember how to speak by saying things you shouldn’t. It’s May now, and summer is coming. Mentioning summer, the first thing you might think about is probably

Delicious Things | Oven-baked Chicken wings

Chicken wings. Let’s take a moment to savor that thought together. What comes to mind? Is it your favorite variety? Or the times in which you usually eat them? Do


HISTORY At the end of the Ming Dynasty—that was more than 300 years ago—there was a beach on which local fishermen commonly dried their nets. In their dialect, a fishing

Hotel Deals for May 2015

MOTHER’S DAY MAY 10 (SUN) LOTUS VILLA CHANG’AN LOTUS LAKE WESTERN RESTAURANT Mother’s Day Special Buffet dinner RMB 138/lady with a flower and papaya dessert, room price RMB 128 for

Starwood School

Through a long-running cooperation with a local vocational school, Sheraton Dongguan has consistently found suitable talent. On April 17, another round of the international recruitment day for Starwood Hotels and

Unique Bar (Chang’an): Drink & Play

China is full of every type of establishment with an English name that seems out of place to a native speaker, but Unique Bar is actually quite unique. It’s a

Spaghetti Bonds (Humen): A Nice Surprise

Situated in the south of Dongguan, almost directly between Shenzhen and Guangzhou; the developing backwater town of Humen may not be first on everybody’s list of places to frequent. That

Who Would Know with David Chai

A Day in the Life David Chai is the chairman of one of the most influential business organizations in Dongguan. He has a natural leader’s temperament, speaking slowly and controlled

China Mobile Game News

As dongguan’s industry moves closer toward tech market. Our business experts have taken the chance to give us some updates on changes in the makers of mobile apps. This year