Old Time Monopoly: How Dongguan’s Co-Ops Survived the Fall

Throughout the first three decades of the PRC, a centrally controlled economy was applied to the country. China was underdeveloped and closed to the world. No private and foreign businesses

40% Sell Fake Cigs

A citizen taking personal health into his own hands, has led to firm allegations of fake cigarettes being sold in convenient stores, with the biggest censure in news reports landing

Kids Car Racing

On the third floor of Houjie’s Rainbow Mall, a set of winding mini-car tracks bedeck the walkway. On weekends, slot car competitions attract dozens of children and parents. Guided by

One Day in central square

Have 16 hours of free time? Follow these easy, step-by-step directions for a full day of discovering the better and lesser known neighborhoods of Dongguan. Breakfast Up Start the day

Hashtag Dongguan Brands

These six local brands sprouted up to make some rich, some proud, and some nationally recognized. they put all of us on the map. You know Nestlé. If you’re Swiss,