New Bar: Dalang’s Oldest

04_15_Bar ReviewLast year saw a number of new bar openings in Dalang, but that shouldn’t overshadow the township’s longest standing hangout spot, New Bar. Located near area landmarks, opposite the RT-Mart and 100 meters away from McDonald’s, it is unlike most other similar venues in China. It’s a place where you can drink and still talk with music tuned to a background level, not deafening noise.

You can probably count all the permanent foreign residents in Dalang on your fingers, and you have the best chance of meeting them all in New Bar. Most of the clients will be Chinese, usually still surprised to find a foreigner in such a distance from downtown Dongguan. The cozy and relaxed atmosphere, together with a few drinks, makes it easy to find new friends.

Normally, people arrive on their own and in groups, but leave together to eat somewhere else. Unfortunately, no hot food apart from French fries and chicken wings is served (probably due to licensing), so guests can concentrate on getting hammered.

Prices are similar, but lower, to those found in Dongcheng. Carlsberg draft is between 20 and 28 RMB (small and large glasses), and a 3-liter barrel costs RMB 148. The selection of foreign beers is priced between RMB 15 and 30. Cocktails are either, RMB 25, 30 or 35, depending on the amount of alcohol inside. The bar personnel is pretty open-handed with giving free drinks, especially if you’re happy to share your whereabouts on WeChat.

You won’t meet Marilyn Monroe, but you’ll see a lot of her. The beautiful decor is centered on sexy, foreign actresses, with a touch of classic European bar decoration. Their friendly staff doesn’t speak English, but bosses from Hong Kong do. And the girl behind the bar usually calls me to come whenever a foreigner walks in, so it would be great to meet any of you.

ADDRESS: No. 112 shop, Jinsha Yayuan, No. 338, Fumin middle Rd, Dalang Town
中文: 大朗镇富民中路338号金莎雅苑112号地铺

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