Gallery Brings Latin Art

04_15_Scene_Gallery Brings Latin ArtSince the beginning of 2015, a small but noticeable art gallery has opened its doors to the public and to a handful of talented Mexican artists.

Dilio Gallery co-owner Jackie You, hails from Taiwan, but he is joining his family who does business here in Dongguan in industrial design and is hoping the gallery, which is located in Guancheng District’s Yunhe creative community will become popular with the city’s modern interior designers.

“If these kinds of art pieces can match with their design, that is going to be one of my concerns,” said You. The solid, industrial gallery displays a fine collection of Latin-influenced mixed media paintings and sculptures. Thinking that local taste is more knowledgeable about the international art scene, the gallery feels it’s the right time to introduce pieces such as Renaissance-style busts with exotic features and heavily troweled colorscapes.

“It’s very challenging for us, too. It’s a big risk for us to buy these kinds of sculptures as well, but we are willing to take that kind of risk,” said Jody Zeng, marketing director for Dilio.