40% Sell Fake Cigs

0415_scenebrief_cigaretteA citizen taking personal health into his own hands, has led to firm allegations of fake cigarettes being sold in convenient stores, with the biggest censure in news reports landing on the reputation of Mei Yi Jia. Nancheng local man, Mr. Yan, researched two cigarette brands, Huanghelou and Da Chunghua, suspecting they were fake after buying them from Mei Yi Jia. These unapproved cigarettes can be dangerously toxic. After not finding a manufacturer website, online forums showed further evidence that the brands were well-known fakes. Local news outlet, the Nanfang Daily, followed up on Mr. Yan’s report with the Dongguan Tobacco Bureau, providing research that showed 5 of the 13 convenient stores checked sold them. A Guantai Road Mei Yi Jia store owner said “these cigarettes are exported, very rare. Regular people don’t know about them.”