It’s a Hobby for Many

0315_scene_It’s a Hobby for ManyDongguan’s newest social club is breaking down another stereotype in China. William Davis Jr., a Chicago-area man affectionately known as Charlie Waffles, hopes to install his hobby into the social scene, matching a group that he started in Busan, South Korea, which hosted up to 50 people meeting weekly to play board games and socialize. Mr. Waffles, who is currently creating his own game, Force Majeure, a game of building the biggest trade empire, spent US$400 shipping in about 100 games to add to his collection, and has been meeting on Friday evenings at his home in Wanjiang. “It’s something people can sit down and do and socialize together, which is something that is becoming increasingly less common in life these days,” he said. Dongguan has three board game cafes (listed this month in the HERE! directory under recreation), but if you’d like to be a member of the English speaking group, search Dongguan Board Game Club on Facebook.

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