Bridges Make Safer Streets

0315_scene-walking highConstruction sites have been popping up on the side of major thoroughfares for the last year and the work is coming to fruition. After much public criticism in the city for lacking adequate pedestrian overpasses, Dongguan has now added 10 throughout the city. They are located in residential or commercial areas and can be found on Changtai Road between Dongtai Garden and King View Times City; on Guantai Road near the Nancheng Walking Street; another at the “Old” Wal-Mart on Dongzong Road; and on Wanjiang Avenue between South China Mall and Metro supermarket.

Plans for the new overpasses were passed by the Urban and Rural Planning Bureau as early as 2009 for eight locations with expectations that they be completed by August of 2010. Years passed, and construction delays pushed the date back again and again. Last October, the project finally initiated with most completed last month.

Other bridges are located on Guantai Road at the CEG Creative Park and the Haogang Village section, Dongzong Road’s old Rainbow Department Store, Sanyuan Road’s Sanyuanli Community section, Hongyuan Road’s Riverside Home Garden, and Liaobu’s Jiahu Garden area. Studies have found that women are 20 percent more likely to make use of pedestrian overpasses and often traffic accidents increase during slower traffic times as drivers assume the area is clear.