25% of DG’s factory girls have multiple boyfriends

About 25 percent of the female workers from Dongguan’s factories said they feel having multiple sexual partners is appropriate. This is according to research provided by the Tangxia Hospital. Staff

What if Saturday Night Live originated in China?

Last week the Internet lit up as quickly as Bill Murray’s wit when news broke that America’s beloved and long running skit comedy show, Saturday Night Live, would be arriving

Model Mandarin March 2015

BEAR IN MIND Remember how to speak by saying things you shouldn’t. Often non-native Chinese speakers can be overheard around retail closing hours asking, “shāngdiàn guānmén le ma.” While it

Who Would Know with Hillview’s Luc Li

A Day in the Life The general manager at Hillview Golf Course is noticeably young for his position. At 29-years-old Li is a prime example of a surge in internationally

Paying Foreign Employees: Individual Income Tax

For foreigners working in China, determining the applicability of individual income tax to one’s situation involves decoding a set of intersecting criteria and rules. Following this, you will need to

Dongkeng Town Guide

HISTORY Dongkeng Town was originally a village founded by the Lu family from Nanxiong (in Shaoguan City today) back in the Southern Song Dynasty. Since the village resided to the

Why Do They Do That?

This month we’re taking a different direction as we look at common problems or mistakes that Chinese make in building relationships or making friends with those expats from Western cultures.