Recycling Haters

02_15_SCENE_Recycling HatersLast April, HERE! reported on a growing trend of environmental awareness spread by a wave of green centers supported by Taiwan’s Tzu Chi Foundation. This past month, we’ve learned that one such center, run by Taiwanese couple Ji Daxi and Xie Renzhen, met with harsh treatment.

In January, the Siji Cheng Tzu Chi Environmental Protection Center, located in Nancheng’s upper class residential garden Century City, was vandalized. The center, a small room on the first floor adapted for collecting recyclables, was wrecked by a neighbor from the same building, and though local media reported that the offender apologized for this, and leaving “rubbish,” a derogatory term in Chinese, grafittied on the door, Xie said that it was incorrect.
“We are really shocked and sorry. We just hoped that he would have told us his feelings, and we would have worked on it,” said Ji. “We are not collecting garbage. We are actually guiding people to understand the importance of garbage sorting,” Xie said with a grieving tone.

Learning of the issue, Xie says many people dropped by, some leaving cards with “I support you,” while other neighbors, wrote “Protest,” a sign of disagreement, on their doors. Seeing this, the couple gave in. On January 29, Xie told HERE! that they would discontinue the green center that was opened in 2011.

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