Green Road: Century City Bar Crawl

0215_bar reviewLet’s say you live in Nancheng in the block between Dongguan Avenue and Xinyuan Road, maybe somewhere near the Nancheng Sports Park. Let’s also say that you want to try out one of the many new local watering holes on Green (Luse) Road, but haven’t the disposition to explore on your own. Well, whether you do or not, this little bar crawl is what’s to be found.

Start the walk nearest to Dongguan Avenue, and, behind a few small trees, CH Bar lights the sidewalk softly. The interior is small and clean with walls covered in corkboard, pondering, “Did the owners anticipate a rowdy crowd of vandals?” If so, the place may begin to look like a hostel. An expanding growth of pictures already adorns the wall beside the small service bar. But the place with its modern tray ceilings and comfortable blue neon is working the metropolitan vibe instead. Expect to hear quality Chinese R&B from the speakers and maybe a live performance on the corner stage during holidays.

Next door adjacent, flaunts the louder, more tropical Havana Club. In theory—one chill, one wild—they make a fine combo. The reality, however, is let down by the rowdy side. Havana is a small clean space that, entering past the bravado of its outer neon, dissatisfies with a poor floor plan and underwhelming décor. The bar, more of a deli counter really, is stocked with the staple German cans for easy ordering and is able to send out mixed drinks (the B-52 wasn’t perfect, but very large). Slide behind it to get to the bathroom, and an unused space begs for a lounge. It would be a nice place to escape the thumping of bouncy Chinese techno.

A couple of drinks in and the crawl hasn’t settled for more than one round at any one place, but down a few and across the street, the next stop, Miss You To Nights, has the best patio on the crawl. Enthusiastic staff showed off a deep menu of drinks without any cheaper choices, while we checked out some shelves of games, including a menacingly large suction-cup archery set. It’s the kind of thing that would make the list at an American college bar, which is interesting because the patio, surrounded by trees with hanging beer bottle ornaments, feels like one.

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