Breastfed Awareness

02_15_SCENE_Breastfed AwarenessAlthough breastfeeding is universally regarded as beneficial for infantile development, in China, rates were as low as 27.8 percent in 2012, almost 50 percent lower than the U.S. Therefore, two mothers of Dongguan launched the Dongguan Breastfeeding Help Group in 2013, offering aid to new mothers.

“Many first-time mothers don’t know how to deal with the problems faced with breastfeeding. There are certain skills and techniques to handle it,” said co-founder Jerri Wu. “If they know this information early, they will go further on the road of breastfeeding. This is our original reason to do this.”

On top of answering questions online and organizing public forums two to three times a month, the group works to promote the UNICEF campaign 10m2 of Love, which aims to provide rooms with an area of 10 sq. meters in public spaces and office buildings for mothers and their hungry infants.

On January 10, a dedication ceremony was held at the Dream-On Department Store with parent-child activities. In Dongguan, 23 organizations joined the project by preparing space, including H&M, the Dongguan Main Bus Station, Dongguan People’s Hospital and other shopping malls and early childhood schools. However, no company or office building has yet instituted the program, which the organization says is crucial for working mothers. The local group has opened a WeChat account. To follow, join by using ID: muruhuzhu.

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