BBQ Chicken: A People Pleaser

0215_rest review

In the Korean enclave of Dongcheng Walking Street are some of the best chicken strips you can chow down on anywhere. Korean franchise Best of the Best Quality (BBQ) Chicken serves a variety of dishes: salads, pastas, pizzas, chicken and stone pot rice bowls.

While this selection is served at many places in Dongguan, BBQ targets an international palette with outlets worldwide. Yeah, KFC does, too. But BBQ isn’t just an alternative to unfamiliar airport food. It’s a full service restaurant offering higher quality options.

Spattered across East Asia, the PRD is home to seven outlets. Dongcheng’s is brightly lit and trendy, if a bit cramped. The busy ground floor tables seat four or six, making it awkward for a party of two. But the normally unoccupied second floor triples the seating for those who like space and privacy.

Perusing the menu foments pangs of hunger. Nearly all appeal to Western taste buds. Some items are chronically unavailable, but this is so common in China that its no longer surprising. Available items are nonetheless plentiful and seldom disappointing. The pizzas are Chinese-ish, with soft, dry crust (choose regular or thin) and no sauce, but definitely a few steps above the average coffee shop’s rendition. Appetizers are fried and arrive quickly.

The sinew of BBQ’s appeal is the olive oil deep-fried chicken. I’m uncertain how they do this. Olive oil burns at a low temperature, so typically is not used for deep frying. The flavor is pleasant, light and very distinct from fried chicken elsewhere. Perhaps more importantly, it won’t make you bloated with indigestion or incite the heavy-gut feeling that fried foods often do. Flip to the back of the menu for these premium items. They’re worth it.

The kitchen and bathrooms are clean and on par with the place you picked up this issue of HERE! Pricing is a bit high, but not bad—60 per person should do it. The friendly staff is always nearby. Pints of Asahi are 20 yuan all day and night. Soju is also available. Enjoy!

Find the restaurant here.