Robots are Winning

01_15_scene_Robots are WinningAn annual international robotics contest, the Asia-Pacific Robotics Championship 2014, along with an International Youth Robotics Innovation Seminar was held in the Guangdong International Exhibition Center in Houjie Town. It attracted nearly 1,200 people and 240 teams from countries and regions like Singapore, Hawaii, Hong Kong and Taiwan to attend, the most participants on record. Organized by the Asian Robotics League, the competition is opened to middle and elementary school students in the region, and has been going on in Asian countries since 2007.

As the first host city in China, Dongguan is quickening its pace toward developing and promoting automated manufacturing. “The invention and concept of robotics should be promoted among children,” commented Zheng Zengyi, council president of the Chinese Society of Education. “So the popularization of robotics education in middle and elementary schools will boost the development of an intelligent Dongguan, and the country’s automation industry.”

Five schools from Dongguan did well. Among the 24 delegations from Guangdong, Shilong Ailian School seized the first in the BDS Beacon Battle Competition; Changping Zhenxing Middle School collected three first prizes and an award for best design in the VEX IQ robotics competition. The 2015 championship will be held in Indonesia.