Pet Shipping: The Instruction Book

(Credit: Henry Deng)

(Credit: Henry Deng)

Let’s face it. Your pets are relying on you, and you can’t live without them. To bring them along on the adventure of living overseas, or returning from the odyssey, means that the little bundle of trust and love must often be left in the hands of complete strangers. There is little that we can do to make the dilemma less draining emotionally, but at least we can gather the process in simple steps.

There are two means by which to send pets out of China. The first choice for most furry friendly travelers is to take them with you, we’ll cover that, but the more stressful way is to send them alone to be picked up by a family member or a friend. That’s below as well.

Start by making these notes:

  1. It is advisable to know the import and quarantine regulations for the country of arrival. This information can be provided by making a call to the country’s closest embassy or consulate or the Ministry of Agriculture.
  2. Make sure your pet is up to date on vaccinations, especially rabies shots. Often countries’ of entry will require that  shots have been completed more than 30 days in advance.
  3. If travelling with multiple pets, check for limitations. China, for example, allows one pet per travelling passport holder.
  4. Confirm departure dates and make a reservation with the shipping company at least a month or 15 days before the flight (If not using a service, it is possible to book with the airline just 48 hours in advance). Sign the contract and pay the deposit; the carrier needs to make an entry permit in advance and book the cabin for the pets.
  5. If you don’t have one, purchase a crate large enough that your pet can see out the door without bending over and has room to turn around. (It’s smart to have them sleep in the crate a few days before travel if they are not already crate trained). Find the combined weight of the dog and the crate and its dimensions and material (metal, pliable?).

Traveling with your pet

We don’t like to think of ourselves as baggage, but truthfully in the eyes of the airlines, we are exactly that, except we demand a little more looking after. Flying with your pet can be as simple as booking a ticket and preparing documentation and contacting the airline in a timely fashion. To make life hassle-free pet relocation shipping services can expedite the situation.

  1. To make the local license, provide breed, color, age, gender and photos.
  2. To book the cabin for the pets, provide a phone number, ticket number, a copy of the passport and the pet’s name. (Booking a ticket for the pet is also required. Be sure to ask if the flight has an aerobic cabin, a cargo hold designed for pets).
  3. Five days before the flight, the carrier will arrange for the animal to be picked up for processing (Dongguan pick-up is available, but it will cost an extra RMB 250, approximately). They will implant a microchip, perform a health check and prepare documentation for shipment (Immunization card and health certification).
  4. Before the flight, the shipping company will arrange to bring the pet to the airport to meet the consignor and handle the procedure together.
  5. After the flight, the airline will arrange for the pet to disembark, meet you and handle the procedures together.
  6. When arrive the country, pick up your pet using accepted ID and relevant documents.

By the time you have arrived the service should cost around RMB 6,000, not including airline tickets. There are also additional fees and time restraints with certain destinations that require a serologic test sent over. The U.S. and Canada, for example, do not require this step. The cost also doesn’t cover the cost of return.

Sending a pet unattended

Letting strangers take away a little family member is a tough assignment. The best advice is to do your homework. Read recommendations and comments regarding the company’s service history.

Provide the material to the company as follows:

  1. To prepare the permit to stay overnight in the city of departure provide breed, color, age, gender and photos.
  2. For booking the cabin for the pet, provide the name of the sender, phone number and a copy of the passport.
  3. The company will help to make all the documents it need.
  4. Upon arrival, the sender needs to arrange for pick-up at the airport. They will need an ID, and to pay customs clearance fees, which depend on the monetary value of the dog. For example, a 28-kilogram golden retriever will cost around RMB 600.

This service will be a bit more expensive. It will cost around RMB 20,000, but it includes the flight ticket for the pet.

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