Hostaria Wine Bar: A Good Sit

01_15_Bar revHostaria is one of those places that even the bar wearied veterans of Dongguan’s drinking scene could sit down in and say, “I want to be here.” Regardless of eating or imbibing arrangements, it’s just downright cozy with a dark and leathery, well-worn feeling. It’s the pair of shoes unbearable to toss. Chic music accentuates without being overbearing, the minimal lighting is warm and hits the tables instead of gleaming off patrons’ foreheads and the drink list would impress even the most jaded. It’s the sort of establishment that one wants to be seen walking into or out of. It’s simply hip.

Hostaria’s client focus seems to be everyone and anyone, from Heineken at the bar or cocktails at a quiet table to Highland Park at the whiskey bar upstairs. The manager insisted that most of the ingredients for their weekly rotating Italian fare are imported and the furniture is made by their boss’s factory. It has a homegrown feel and they are focusing more on reservations and parties at this time than the general public, catering to specific tastes that can be totally customizable.

Their foreign chef can be easily seen walking about with produce and ingredients while breadsticks are stocked at a side table in the open air. Prices are on par with established norms for the area and the bartender slings artsy and quite weighty drinks for what is paid. Expect RMB 30 to 50 for a cocktail and around that price for imported beer or shots. Unfortunately, most of the wine and scotch is purchasable only by the bottle with house glasses of red and white and shots being on the lower end of the quality spectrum: not worth punishing the liver with those. Bottles can be dear.

The only conundrum facing Hostaria is its proximity to the already existing and frequented Italian joints nearby. As long as some patrons remain outgoing in their choices of restaurant, this place has a fighting chance for the long game. If it’s with a gathering of a group of friends or an attempt to impress a date with the upscale, Hostaria is definitely worth the gamble and patronage.

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