Dongguan Bird Flu Patient in Critical Condition



On January 6, Dongguan’s second case of human avian influenza virus (H7N9) was confirmed, following the first infection of this flu season on November 28 in Changping Town. The patient, a 36-year-old man surnamed Dai, lives in Tangxia Town and is currently under critical condition at the Dongguan People’s Hospital in Wanjiang. It is the prefecture’s key hospital designated for critical cases.

The 60 people with close contact to the patient are under medical observation; none of them show symptoms. According to local reports, an emergency response plan was initiated in the town, including separating the feverous patients in all hospitals, closing all the live poultry markets for three days for disinfection and strengthening the overall sanitation conditions in these markets.

Studies indicate that viruses, like seasonal influenza, have a pattern of higher circulation in cold weather. Since November, five cases have been reported in Dongguan, Meizhou, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. The Health and Family Planning Commission of Guangdong Province suggests a strict personal regimen of food and public hygiene.

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