Pet Shipping: The Instruction Book

Let’s face it. Your pets are relying on you, and you can’t live without them. To bring them along on the adventure of living overseas, or returning from the odyssey,

Dongguan Bird Flu Patient in Critical Condition

On January 6, Dongguan’s second case of human avian influenza virus (H7N9) was confirmed, following the first infection of this flu season on November 28 in Changping Town. The patient,

Banquet Drinking for Dummies

You’re at a Chinese business dinner—seven of them, and one of you. They all want to drink a toast with you, meaning that you’re drinking seven glasses to their one.

Model Mandarin: January 2015

BEAR IN MIND Remember how to speak by saying things you shouldn’t. In daily communication between girls and boys, it’s always good to know how to express something in a

Stealing is Sharing

I’m a perfectionist, a personality trait insisting things fit neatly on black and white labels. I want to understand them clearly, know my boundaries, and master them with graceful ease.

What’s the Deal With Spring Migration

After finishing the universal holiday season, here comes Chinese holiday spirit. For some, it’s a pretty joyful time with family, if, that is, they are lucky enough to get tickets