Special Olympics

1214_scene_special OlympicsOn December 5, a Special Olympics will meet at Dongguan Qizhi Special Education School in Dongcheng. About 350 disabled adults and children over 8-years-old from around the city will be attending the event.

As the first local Special Olympics organized in Dongguan, the event is exclusively funded and sponsored by toy manufacturer Mattel. With five branches in Shenzhen, Dongguan and Foshan, the company has been actively involved with Special Olympics events around China since 2005. The company will send more than 100 volunteers to help organize the event and give out hundreds of Barbie dolls and toys as prizes.

With the theme of “My Dream Starts Here,” the event is expected to give contestants a chance to develop physical fitness and, more importantly, experience joy and to participate in a social activity. “We want to emphasize the courage of participating,” said Zhang Min, president of Guangdong Intellectual Disabled Persons – Relatives and Friends Association. “Through this event, we want them to walk out of their homes, communicate with other people and merge into society.”

In addition to traditional sporting events such as a 100-meter race, 3-on-3 basketball and standing long jump, the games also include sensory integration activities, like jumping and climbing, for children under 7-years-old.