Skeptics in Dongguan

1214_scene_skeptics in DongguanDongguan hosted China’s first Skeptics in the Pub event, Friday, November 21, at One for the Road. American skeptic Rebecca Watson, co-host of the podcast, Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe, was invited to speak by David Young, founder of the Hong Kong International Skeptic Society. Traveling China with Young and Watson for the informal platform that promotes critical thinking was fellow skeptic, Michael Bigelow.

At the event, Bigelow said of Watson, “she is a prominent female skeptic, who not only has a really strong interest in science, but she also has a strong interest in feminism. Rebecca is at the cutting edge.” Her reputation as a “cutting edge” skeptic preceded her to China, possibly accounting for a high turnout of intrigued skeptics attending the event.

Watson discussed controversial issues such as vaccinations and abortion, as she said, “we want to help people critically evaluate what they know.” Watson later revealed that although, “most skeptics tend to be older white men,” she does not believe skepticism should be limited to one demographic. “Feminism and skepticism are overlapping circles that benefit from each other when combined,” Watson said. Based on the diversity and volume of the audience, the Dongguan skeptic’s community reflected Watson’s stated ideal of a more inclusive audience.