International Studies

1214_scenebrief_international studiesTravelling from Australia last month, 43 students from Victoria Province took part in Victory Young Leaders to China. From November 2 to 29 the group of 14 and 15-year-old kids participated in activities aimed at developing leadership and Chinese cultural awareness. Put together by the experiential education department at Utahloy International School – Zengcheng, the program covered five domains ranging from leadership and adventure to public service. “The highlight for most of the group was definitely the interaction with the local school kids. For both sides, the visiting school kids and the local school kids. They learned so much form each other,” said experiential education coordinator Ting Drechsler. During their stay in China, classroom lessons taught Chinese language, calligraphy and traditional paper cutting. The larger part of the activities, however, took place outdoors. We also took them to Hong Kong and Yangshuo to explore those areas so they can gain that awareness of what is going on in China and in Hong Kong,” said Ting.

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