Faked CV Found Out

1214_scenebrief_fake CV found outLaunching a great reason to read this month’s Business article, a woman was fired from her company in Houjie Town for faking her resume to gain a senior executive position in a leatherwear company. Fabricating a degree certificate and working experience, the women surnamed Zhong was hired as administrative PR director at the local factory, a title with a substantial salary according to news reports. After two months in the job, the company discovered the truth and sacked her. Zhong sued for back pay and overtime between the months of March and May totaling RMB 80,000, and she asked for another RMB 40,000 in compensation from the Houjie Labor Dispute Arbitration Court, but was rejected on both accounts. A judge found that the labor contract was invalid, and made the factory pay only the industry average salary, about RMB 3,000. The factory had already paid a severance RMB 40,000, so Zhong’s plea was denied.

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