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1214_scene_DG cluture in filmTwo documentaries created by journalism students from the Dongguan University of Technology (DGUT) were a part of the China Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival, a.k.a. GZDOC, that took place from November 11 to 14. The event is China’s only provincial level documentary film festival. Both films covered women’s issues.

Women of the comb, who live an old way of life, are Dongguan’s version of a women’s liberation movement. The last generation of the ladies, who were unmarried, but wore their hair atop their head in a bun, a symbol for marriage, had vowed to live as singles in a sisterly commune. They were the pioneers of women’s independence in China. In the documentary, The Vietnam Bride, students from DGUT went to western Guangdong near the Vietnam border to search for women trafficked into China as mail order brides to share the social status and way of life.

“I had never thought that we would have the honor to be invited by the Guangzhou Documentary Film Festival,” said Lin Rui, director of The Women of the Comb. She added that it was a “wonderful journey” to show her film. During the festival both documentaries aired at the Sun Yat Sen University. After the screening, filmmakers exchanged viewpoints with students, directors, film lovers and potential producers.

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