Corner of Change and Trouble Street

A major Chinese corporation is seeking to make a major change to their corporate culture, recognizing that their international expansion requires them to shift away from the more traditional Chinese

Model Mandarin: December 2014

BEAR IN MIND Remember how to speak by saying things you shouldn’t. If you are in a taxi and trying really hard to make the taxi driver understand you, besides

Home Made: Christmas Cookies

A great thing about life as an expatriate is celebrating twice as many festivals and holidays. However, seeing so many red days on the calendar does seem to lessen the

What’s the Deal With Year Round Open Windows

Expat residents of the Pearl River Delta may notice a detail of the local lifestyle. Cantonese people very much insist on opening a window even in the coldest of winter,

End of the Line: Terminating an Employee in China (Part 1)

Heightened pressure in China’s labor market means that employers are commonly required to terminate employees to optimize business operations. Legally speaking, this is by no means easy, especially under the