Yangshuo in about Two Hours

1114_Scene Brief_Yangshuo in about Two HoursChina, hoping to lead the world with high-speed railway connectivity, has made another step toward its goal. Networks that, as of the end of the year, will have covered almost half of the country’s territory adds stops in picturesque Southwest China with the opening of the Guiyang-Guangzhou line which opens on December 20. The journey time to holiday hotspots like Guilin and Yangshuo will be reduced from 10 hours to two. The line is currently in the process of completing four stages of test operations for the trains that can hit a speed of 300kph, starting in Guizhou’s capital Guiyang, going through Guangxi’s eight counties and ending at the Guangzhou South Station. Dongguan residents can take a taxi to Humen High-speed Railway Station and spend 20 minutes traveling to Guangzhou South to catch the new line.

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